TG Timbercraft

Tony Gibson
18 Le Clos de Maupertuis
La Rue du Maupertuis
St Clement

Mobile: 07797 837 502
Facebook: TGTimbercraft

My father was a woodworker, and some of my earliest memories are watching him at work. His passion for wood touched me as a boy and became my passion too.

At the beginning of 2012 I found myself in a redundancy situation and decided to set up a wood working business of my own. Originally I planned to produce high quality wooden items both off the peg and made to order. But as things took shape I found myself receiving commissions for built in and freestanding pieces of furniture, and so I have developed the business to include this sort of work too.

I believe that great products start with great materials so I am careful when choosing timber. Only the best quality boards are selected, some are traditional woods but much is exotic. I stock a wide variety of timber but the choice of local wood is limited. However, I am currently attempting to source more local timber as I believe it is important to support local business. I only buy timber if my supplier is able to convince me that the wood is responsibly sourced, so when considering the rare and exotic timbers you can be sure you are buying responsibly. As I am unable to source exotic timber locally I travel to my UK based timber merchants and personally hand pick each plank of wood before taking it back to my workshop in Jersey.

Most of the items I produce are my own designs but I am happy to handcraft bespoke pieces according to your specific requirements. Once a project is complete I finalise by adding my makers mark so that you can be assured of the items authenticity.

Aside from accepting private commissions and my website, my work is available at the various craft fairs and markets that I attend around Jersey & in the UK. Should you like to purchase any of my pieces please give me a call or send me an email. If you would like to commission something bespoke you can fill in the form on my website, or if you prefer you can speak to me by phone or email.