Le Feuvre Farms

Powell Le Feuvre
Tombette Farm
Rue D’olive
St Marys

Mobile: 07700355781

A family owned farm with father, Charlie and both sons working together, with the majority of our fields in L’Etacq (St Ouens) and some in St Mary’s and St Martin’s.

The family has been farming for over five generations and Charlie has been farming for over 30 years and has two sons Powell and Tyrone with fresh and ambitious ideas ready and willing to continue the family tradition.

They mainly grow Jersey Royal potatoes which are all dug by hand in order to ensure the finest quality possible and use vraic (seaweed) as a natural fertiliser.

Other crops include Broccoli, cauliflower and main crop potatoes.

They supply locally and to high end customers in the UK and one of their favourite sources of income are the 4 honesty boxes located in St Ouen and St Mary which enable them to sell their produce as fresh as possible and direct to the customer at a lower price than in many shops.

Powell said "the honesty boxes are really great because of the chance to interact with customers and many times we have been complimented on the quality of our produce, hearing this will usually make our day."