Mange Tout

Andrew Hosegood
Mange Tout
Office & Administration
14 Conway Street
St Helier

Telephone: 01534 636857
Twitter: @MangeToutJersey

We are in 4 locations across St Helier in the main office areas. Each shop has it's own kitchen where we handmake all our sandwiches, salads and soups for sale in that shop fresh on the day you buy them. No sell by dates, just good fresh food.

Our first shop opened in Colomberie back in 1996 with a second shop opening on the corner of New Street and Burrard Street in 2000. Our third shop arrived in 2004 and our fourth shop came along in January 2008. For no particular reason, they seem to have come along every 4 years, but at least it allowed us to grow organically as the men in suits say. It also gave us time to make sure we maintained our commitment to quality and freshness without having to worry about scary financials which seem to accompany rapid growth. Slow and steady, that's us.