John & Liliana Carter
St Martin

Telephone: 07797 743 869
Facebook: Cocoapolis
Twitter: @WouldYouCocoa

Cocoapolis - Your State of Well Being - Natural low-fat cocoa products ... including authentic "hot cocoa" with Genuine Jersey milk.

The world of cocoa is rich in flavours & textures with origins far & wide. As amateur Cocoa enthusiasts, John & Liliana are evolving skills to combine Jersey Milks with the Low-fat varieties of Cacao from selected estates & producers.

By using natural ingredients, it is possible to maximise the content of all the "good" elements such as flavanols for the most demanding palates to indulge whilst keeping the healthy edge.

Cocoapolis "hot cocoa" is also available for events where invitees need warming as well as treating.

Many products are available at The Classic Farm Shop (St. Peter), others with Relish Deli near the Central Market in St Helier or by contacting John & Liliana directly via mobile, web or social media.

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Twitter : @WouldYouCocoa